About Us

Northern Berkshire Habitat For Humanity is an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International. Our offices are in North Adams, Massachusetts and we serve the surrounding communities of Adams, Cheshire, Clarksburg, Williamstown and Stamford, Vermont, as well as North Adams. We are a non-profit, all volunteer organization and receive no financial support from Habitat International

Our mission is the same as Habitat International. We are working to eliminate poverty housing and to provide decent, safe, and affordable housing for people in need. Currently, we are the only organization in northern Berkshire actively working to alleviate the shortage of housing for low-income working families. By building or renovating homes we are empowering our homeowners to become contributing members of the community and providing security for their children to grow and prosper.

Many people not familiar with Habitat’s operations incorrectly assume that the houses we build are free. Nothing could be further from the truth. We select families based on their need for housing, ability to repay a no profit mortgage, and willingness to partner with us. The family must provide a minimum of 250 hours of sweat equity in the construction of their home or other community service. The family pays a mortgage just like any other homeowner. These payments are then used to build more houses for more families.

It is the volunteer labor that allows Habitat International and its affiliates to build affordable housing. These volunteers form the core of the organization serving on the board of directors and various committees to manage the affiliate and its many projects. Additionally, volunteers are pounding nails and raising walls. Some volunteers have never driven a nail before becoming involved with Habitat. Volunteers learn, share, and teach each other the skills needed to transform a pile of lumber into a home for a deserving family. Many deep and lasting friendships have developed between volunteers. It can be a rich and deeply rewarding experience. Won’t you join us in our efforts to eliminate poverty housing and empower a deserving family?