Completed Homes and Brush-With-Kindess Projects

Since our founding in 1990, we have completed seven new homes, renovated three homes and de-constructed one home, moved and rebuilt it on another site.  The Williams College Architectural Design II class, with instructor Ann McCallum, a local architect, and the McCann Technical School CAD Shop provide the home design.  Each home is individually designed to meet the guidelines recommended by HfHI.  

Homes are designed to keep energy costs low.  A recently completed home received an Energy Star Certification, which means the house is weather tight, sealed to prevent air infiltration, well insulated, and uses Energy Star appliances and lighting.  Newer design and construction methods reduce energy costs making the home affordable over its lifetime.  We continue to improve energy savings using the latest building technology such as photovoltaic panels when possible.  Future plans will incorporate “green” building design to make the house environmentally friendly.

We also, through the Brush with Kindness program, take on small exterior projects such as painting or porch/step/deck repair for homeowners who for physical or financial reasons are not able to do the work themselves.

Past brush with kindness projects

BWK5 bwk5 bwk6

Painting house and garage in Adams.

bwk1 bwk2 bwk3

Painting, staining, deck and step repair in Williamstown.

Pine1 Pine2 pine3

On a cold Saturday morning, we installed a tarp over a leaking mobile home roof in Pine Park Lodge, Williamstown. Quick work with many volunteers on hand.


Home #11

A renovation of an original Habitat home in North Adams, completed in September 2014.

Redux110 Redux109 Redux96

Redux87 Redux84 Redux81

Redux65 Redux70 Redux61

Redux42a Redux33 Redux9


Access Ramp Project, Adams.

Brush with Kindness project completed in 2013

holly20 Holly30 Holly34


Home #10, Williamstown. Renovated home with second floor added, completed in 2012.

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Danaher1 Danaher316 Danaher 314
November 2009 purchased October 2012 completed October 2012 completed


Home #9, Williamstown. New home completed in 2009.

henderson425 henderson427


Home #8, Williamstown. New home completed in 2005.

house 8


Home #7, North Adams. New home completed in 2002.



Home #6, North Adams. New home completed in 1999.



Home #5, North Adams. New home completed in 1998.




Home #4, North Adams. This was a donated Williamstown house, disassembled, moved in pieces to North Adams and reassembled, completed in 1997.



Home #3, North Adams. New home completed in 1995.



Home #2, North Adams. This was an old farm house, renovated and completed in 1994.



Home #1, North Adams. New home completed in 1992