Northern Berkshire Habitat for Humanity Newsletter (August)

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Page one  - Paul Austin has announced his retirement at the completion of the Cole Ave Habitat Home, and we dedicate the front page of the newsletter to him. Paul has been in a leadership position for the Northern Berkshire Habitat for Humanity affiliate for eighteen years. Read about his journey from the early years to the present.


Page two - The Cole Ave Habitat Home is available. Read about how to apply and the details for eligibility. Also, page two has an article about what a home means. This is a summary of what new homeowners say after applying for a Habitat Home. 

At the bottom of page two is an ad about a shed raffle now in progress. Tickets can be purchased at Good luck!


Page three - "This is our 30th Anniversary" discusses the success of Northern Berkshire Habitat for Humanity since 1990. "Why do I volunteer" is an excellent article by Barbara Carr about her experience as a Habitat Volunteer. 

Also on page three is a list of the Board of Directors and "Cars for Homes" ad. Northern Berkshire Habitat for Humanity benefits from each car donated. (If you want to donate your car, just call 877-227-4344.)


Page four - This page is about the construction progress on Cole Ave - along with pictures of our dedicated volunteers in action.